Chargetech 2.0

industry // consumer electronics

Hired long-term to completely re-brand and redevelop their image to coincide with the companies focus to B2B sales while maintaining their current B2C strategy. Accomplishments include new branding identity, WordPress website theme development, WooCommerce storefront UI redesign, and redesign of all marketing material/catalogs and pitch decks.

  • role  ui/ux design | branding & development
  • tech  html/css | Adobe CC
  • spec  chargetech
  • year  2017-2018
 New Company Branding // Design & Branding
 Homepage Desktop & Mobile w/ Promotion Sample // Design & Layout
 Product Category & Product Page // Design & Layout
Emailers & Pitch Decks // Design & Marketing
 Product Branding Mockups & Business Cards // Prints & Mockups
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