About ssdm

a brief history told by chris lindekens

I started Screen Scientific D & M in the fall of 1999 right after I got my first entry level development gig at Apollo Interactive in Los Angeles. One of the bigger development firms in the country at the time that was lucky enough to be in business during the golden age. We were managing and servicing multi-million dollar contracts with established brands like Jack-In-The-Box, Warner Brothers and Mandalay Bay Resort Group.

I was fortunate enough to network with some great tech people where I was able to learn about the company infostructure and how the development process works from front to back. It was motivation enough to start SSDM and use my connections to start a legitimate and reliable development group. A large portion of us were laid-off after 911, so I began to recruit enough people to build a development assembly line that could put together large scale projects quickly.

screen scientific version 1

original website circa 1998

screen scientific version 10

10th iteration - flash(rip) 2010

I was doing the UI/UX design and front end development while my colleague and friend Ace Walker was managing the programming and database side. We managed to develop countless web development projects over the years using various medias and languages, while making a decent living in the process.

I went back to school full time to finish my design degree and at that point, SSDM began its transformation from web development company, to my personal portfolio which is still true to this day. My demanding day job keeps me busy but I always manage to find time to do freelance work under the SSDM banner.